Consulting requires special insight, planning and experience. With years of consulting experience, the Royalty team understands how to help you position your organization to acheive positive results, we help you promote the value of your products and services, their underlying benefits will become evident to your customers. Royalty has an excellent track record of implementing successful value-added programs that generate revenue.


We represent clients in business, entertainment, government as well as those in the non-profit sector. As a Royalty client we work with you to evaluate your personal and professional potential, we then help you customize a plan that will guide and enable you to reach your specific goals. We work with our clients to help evaluate the best pathway to success, whether that involves training the sales force or implementing more effective marketing strategies. 

Royalty offers consulting, training and professional advancement courses specializing in core success principles in business as well as personal development.
Our instructors and trainers are excellent developers of strong confident leaders, all while creating a fun, high energy environment.

Business Start-Up  |   Executive Coaching |  Marketing & Advertising |  Custom Training Programs

We will:

  • Discuss your overall goals and establish a plan to achieve them. 

  • Review your previous marketing efforts to evaluate ways to be more impactful to your existing audience, as well as expand efforts to reach new markets.  

  • Research your client base to determine the products/and services they value most.

  • Develop a list of prospective marketing strategies, including prime-target areas as well as the best media sources to communicate your vision.

  • Help you negotiate price and contract terms with any new B2B clients.

  • Build new relationships that result in immediate and continuous income streams.

  • Implement successful value added programs.

  • Assist with any reorganization plans.

  • Establish growth strategies, including market expansion, new products as well as new services 

  • Identify the competitions new products and services.

  • Analyze and project product and service life cycles.

What we provide:

2010 - present

2010 - present