When starting a business, moving in the right direction from the onset may prove essential to the success of your venture. A variety of decisions must be made from the outset regarding a multitude of topics, ranging from business structure to business cards. Royalty is here for all your business needs.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Business Plans

Financial Advising

Loan Assessments

Tax Liabilities

Corporate Structure

State & Federal Registration

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Marketing Materials

Social Media Set Up

Executive Consulting

Leadership Coaching

  ...and so much more!

Helping you from A to Z

Choosing the Right Business Structure

In order to foster growth in your business, creating the proper structure from the beginning is imperative. Each type, whether a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, or one of the various classes of partnerships and corporations, can help your business. Choosing the most suitable one for your business can have significant advantages both now and later. The correct decision may give you tax breaks and other benefits while the wrong one can put you under a mountain of paperwork.


  • C Corporation

  • S Corporation

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)



Securing your business on a firm foundation

To secure your business on a firm foundation requires that all the necessary liabilities be in order. Royalty is here to help make this easier for you. We can help you set up the proper insurance for your business; this ensures that your investment of time and capital are protected. You may need to secure your business idea, your brand or your products. To properly secure your future Royalty can help you set up the proper Patent, Trademark or if necessary Copyright protection. 


  • Patent, Tademark

  • Business Insurance

  • Copyright office


Branding and Marketing

 Putting your business in a position where it can be noticed and subsequently generate revenue and increase networking. Learn how you can save time and money by getting the best business cards possible for the least amount of expense. Creating buzz about yourself, your products and services can be easy with the proper kind of business cards.


Executive and Leadership Training

Execlerate your team with core leadership training and Executive coaching. Sound mentorship has proven to be key to many successful entrupeuners. Royalty offers training for your leadership teams and staff to build your business brand starting with your strongest assest, your emplyees. With our Executivev Coaching you establish connections and insight from those who can help you jump huttles and reach the finish line faster. 



Consulting requires special insight, planning and experience. With years of experience, the Royalty team understands how to help you position your organization for positive results. We help you promote the value of your products and services. We represent clients in business, entertainment, government as well as those in the non-profit sector. As a Royalty client we work with you to evaluate your personal and professional potential, we then help you customize a plan that will guide and enable you to reach your specific goals.