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Royalty Agency offers a professional platform for both models and actors, beginners as well as those with experience. We help beginners build from the ground up, establishing them on a firm foundation of excellence while guiding them to their full potential. We also work with experienced talent, helping them reach the next level of their career on the international stage. Royalty Agency seeks out and promotes exceptional talent worldwide. 

Diversity is key; we strive to provide a uniquely diverse talent base to accommodate all our client needs. We also offer a variety of services to assist our clients and ensure a successful outcome to each individual project. Royalty Agency operates under a continuous code of professionalism and excellence, offering exceptional talent with impeccable service.


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2010 - present

2010 - present

Royalty understands the necessity of the team concept in order to win. To ensure the success of our talent as well as the success of our clients, Royalty offers professional training to it's talent. 

Our clients can rest assured that all Royalty talent will be prepared and professional. Our training develops confidence and refines the skill set of every member of the Royalty team. Royalty provides workshops that focus specifically on the marketing needs of our clients, assuring the continual preparation and strengthening of our growing talent base.


  • Work it/Modeling 101

  • Photoshoot Etiquette

  • Knowing your best pose!

  • Sales: Understanding the Business

  • Runway: How to Blaze the Stage 

  • Casting Calls: How to Shine

  • Acting 101: My name in lights 

  • Film Tips from the Director   

Training Seminars and Talent Coaching 
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